McKinnon Materials provides the tools and products you need to make the job of applying, mixing, and shipping our products easier.

Grout Tape 3/8" Roll
Grout Tape 1/2" Roll
Grout Tape 3/4" Roll
Masking Tape 2" Roll
Masking Tape 2" Case
Masking Paper 18"
Masking Paper 36"
Epoxy Stone Mixer view photo
Mixer Drum Top
Mixer Drum Bottom with Paddles
Mixer Liner
Set of Paddles for Epoxy Mixer
Lid for 5 Gal Pail
5 Gal Pail Empty
Set – 5 Gal Pail with Lid
Texture Machine complete with hopper & gun
Texture Gun
Hopper Only
Standard Texture Gun Repair Kit
Non Skid Grit 1 lb
QS/20A Epoxy Thickener (for vertical)
Replacement Blade for Floor Scraper
Finishing Trowel 18" x 4"
Flex Form (4 Rolls to Core)
Knee Boards
1 Tube (5.25oz) Protective Skin Lotion
Stencils view patterns
Spiked Shoes
Gauged Spreaders w/ Spacers
River Rock Samples Box, 16 Colors
River Rock Briefcase Sample Board
River Rock Display Stands view photo

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